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And here we go,  i enjoy it so much the first time years ago that i had to play it again

Glad to know you've enjoyed this game. Thrilled to know that you would like to play it again!

We continued to develop this game for a full release since the initial prototype. You can wish-list it on steam now:

That look awesome can't wait to play it

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what have you added more to the game since i last played and recorded it ages ago. Hang on i would know,  if i was following you wouldn't i silly me there we go. Update 3 years later what the fuck was i talking about lol.

its a very cool but blank game

I finally played this game, wow.  Even created some sketch stuff for this one

I liked your video, thanks. Subscribed

This game is so exausting to play 8/10 would buy

is it safe?

Yes it is I downloaded it on Mac and windows

really funny game i like it

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So silly, it's fantastic :D

theres another game like this on itchio I believe i like the little puzzles i really enjoyed the laid back experience. I played it along with another short indie game if you want to check it out! 

Its good but the 5th stage is almost impossible

Very funny and fun game. Frustrating at parts but over all very fun.

Youtuber: ForgedByGames

It's hard but, atleast it's not rage worthy. At the start I thought it was going to be impossible as, the guy just went towards the pillow time and, time again but, I got the hang of it and, made it a decent way.

RavenBlood Gaming goes through with the game NOT ANOTHER EXAUSTING DAY!!!! Lets see how this goes!

Yet another Exhausted day is a game where you play as a tired person. But you hear a knock at your door and you now have to navigate your house filled with pillows, like a caterpillar.  Pillows make you sleep, and that knock is getting louder. Best crawl to the door. 

The only real issue I have with this game is that's its way to short. And I think it could easily be 3 times as long given the possibility of more puzzles and challenges. But overall good concept and fun to play. 

.( ^_^)
Also here is a cute little bunny to brighten up your day!



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this game was alot of fun

here is the link to my channel if you want to subscribe or watch my other videos:

here is the video hope you enjoy:


Ha te még nem ismered ezt a játékot akkor javaslom az én videóm :D 

I can relate so hard to this guy. I do think the gravitational pull of the pillows is a bit strong, and it caused me to rage more than I'd like to admit lol fun and interesting game though!

I Love this demo. I really hope to see a full release soon.

My Channel:

This game perfectly expresses how I feel every morning. Great work!

Hi there, Your idea is really cool! 
Although there is something that is really really bothering, it's the screen blur about every 30 seconds. Just remove this, or make it differently, like only on the border of the screen, somewhere that doesn't hurt the eyes. I know this is part of the experience of falling asleep but it just prevented me finishing the game. And I'm not the only one. So please, just remove that and I'll jump back into the game right away! ;)

Good job in overall, original, I'll recommend it! 

cool game

Can I blame you for the pain of laughing so hard?

SPOILERS dont watch unless you cant figure it out

I recommend!

really enjoyed this little challenging game it’s just like me every day ever ;)

Love the concept x)

This game was pretty fun, it took me a while to get one of the levels.

I loved the concept for this game, the last part I was really stupid in being able to complete it. Awesome game 

I really liked this. Very funny. Very quirky and original. A few glitches here and there, but a solid idea.

Here is my playthrough:

I really did enjoy this game a lot despite the surprising ending. xD Here's my video of the game.

This game made my day XD

Great fun and entertaining game!!!!


Good job at making a silly game. Haha, I really did enjoy the experience though had some fun getting through the levels. If you were bored I'd suggest this game for, 10-18mins of entertainment.

I had created a little video on the game and to be honest I really enjoyed it despite what I said in the video

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